FAE UML/SSL Sonic Forestry Skid Steer Mulchers


Forestry mulcher for skid steer, with fixed tooth rotor.

Robust and compact, the UML/SSL is renowned for its ergonomic design that guarantees excellent visibility for the operator during various situations.
Thanks to the diverter valve kit option, it can be utilized with any brand of skid steer on the market.
Equipped with the latest Technology , FAE’s Sonic system puts 35 % more torque to the rotor with increased spool up time. It does this by Equipping the Mulcher head with and ECM, that monitors rotor speed, motor speed, and controls the Displacement in the motor as it sees fit. Simply, there is nothing like it out there!  Along with the sonisc system, they are equipped with Wifi so the owner or operator can see diagnostics, performance, service intervals, hours of use and can callibrate the sonic system to keep in the optimal torque range.


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