H.D. augers


These  Augers are made for difficult ground conditions, compacted soils, heavy clay, asphalt, frozen ground and fracturable rock. The HDC Augers feature heavy duty cast steel boring head, hardened drive-in gage (outside) and wisdom (inside) teeth. Equipped with hardened fishtail point and heavy-duty double flighting.

  • For Compacted Soils, Heavy Clay, Asphalt, Frozen Ground & Fractural Rock
  • Available in 6” To 48” Diameter in Four Over All Lengths
  • 2” Round, 2-9/16” Round, Or 2” Hex Collars Available
  • Heavy Duty Cast Steel Boring Head Using Individual Tooth Pockets (Drive-In Teeth Using Rubber Lock Retainment)
  • Standard Wear Components are Hardened Gage (Outside) Teeth, Hardened Wisdom (Inside) Teeth and 3½” Diameter Hardened Fishtail
  • Two Year Warranty
  • 5/16″ flighting
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