Quick Attach hydraulic angling sweepers

Quick Attach power angle sweepers

The Quick Sweep Angle Broom by Quick Attach is designed for heavy duty sweeping of dirt, snow, and other unwanted material. The exclusive floating torsion suspension system assists the operator in keeping consistent and correct bristle down pressure, and allows the broom to float while sweeping uneven areas for superior performance. The direct drive motor mounted inside the brush arbor eliminates chain tightening. Big or small this one does it all

  • available in 68″ and 84″ models
  • available in 48″ wide mini versions ( please specify machine for correct quick attach plate)
  • machine specific wire harness or generic pistol grip available
  • 32″ tall brushes with poly or wire combinations available
  • greaseable bearings for long life
  • storage stand included
  • direct drive eaton hydraulics, no chain or gearbox
  • hydraulically protected for reliable service
  • available in both manual and hydraulic angling
  • powder coated body for a lasting finish
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