Virnig hyraulic angle brooms

With the reputation of Virnig MFG behind you, rest assured with the purchase of their hydraulic angling broom you are using a top quality product that will do its job for a long time!

  • Direct drive design with replaceable drive components
  • 160 degree hood
  • Standard with 32″ diameter poly/wire brush wafers, all poly and all wire available
  • Recommended for loaders with operating capacities greater than 1500 lbs.
  • Centering swing linkage better centers broom in front of loader when angled
  • Designed for easy exchange of wafers, no disconnecting of hydraulic hoses
  • Broom is standard with manual angle, hydraulic angle with electric control optional

Optional Hydraulic Angle

  • One cylinder hydraulic angle by the use of an electric valve
  • Uses either loader electrical control system or add on electrical control

Optional Deflector

  • Bolts onto broom using existing mount holes
  • Covers additional 30 degrees to help limit flying material
  • Deflector can be pinned up in storage position, without removal
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