Virnig pick up sweepers

The Virnig Pick up sweeper is an extremely well built attachment that efficiently sweeps small debris like sand, gravel, dirt e.t.c. off the pavement into the bucket , then easily empties when dumped

  • Can operate broom forward and reverse
  • Direct drive design with replaceable drive components
  • Standard 5/8″ x 6″ bolt on reversible wear edge
  • Standard with 26″ diameter poly/wire brush wafers , all poly and all wire available
  • Designed for easy exchange of wafers, no disconnecting of hydraulic hoses
  • Hood frame adjusts for bristle wear
  • Optional gutter brush available
  • Recommended for loaders with operating capacities greater than 1500 lbs.
  • available in 60″ 72″ and 84″ models
  • optional gutter brush available
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