Virnig pipe and pole grapple forks

Available in a 2 cylinder and a heavy duty four cylinder models, the Virnig  pipe and pole grapple fork attachment is the easiest and safest way to handle, load and move sections of pipe and poles. And With the well known Virnnig brand on the front of your machine, you can depend on this tool to do the job you need it to do every time.


2 Cylinder

  • 6,000 lb. Tines
  • 48″ or 60″ Tine Length
  • Arm outside of frame
  • Arm reaches end of 48″ Tine
  • 65″ Wide

4 Cylinder

  • 6,000 lb Tines
  • 48″ Tine Length
  • Arm outside of frame
  • Designed for two (2) 12″ or one (1) 24″ casing pipe
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