Prime Clam Grapple Bucket

The Prime Clam Grapple Bucket is a Log and Brush Grapple for all types of  Forestry, farm and acreage use, Fits all Modern Skid steer brands, and is also available for light to mid size tractors. It’s the perfect tool for cleaning up brush, digging out roots and large rocks, performing concrete work, moving logs, and a whole lot more.

With the Serrated teeth on the 3/4″ grade 50 tines and grapples , what you grab is going to stay!

  • designed for use with the most powerful skid steers
  • gusseted between teeth for added strength
  • 2-3000 lb cylinders
  • heavy duty replaceable teeth
  • closes tighter to be able to handle smaller material
  • 3/4″ grade 50 steel tines
  • single grapple
  • large 52″ opening
  • greaseable pivot points
  • available in 66″ 74″ and 86″


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