Prime Stump Bucket Grapple

Prime Stump Bucket Grapples are always an excellent addition to any attachment line up. Your skid steer will turn into a stump ripping machine!

Identical to our original Stump Bucket but, with an additional grapple feature. The 63″ Prime Attach Stump Bucket is the perfect attachment for digging up stumps and trees, as well as general digging and trenching.

Featuring a serrated tooth design with (3) replaceable digging/excavating teeth, has two ½” x 2 wear strips welded full length on the bottom of the bucket, this powerful digging attachment is fabricated from commercial-grade 1/2″ steel with double gusset sidewall construction. The commercial-grade grapple also has 1/2″ thick sidewalls and 5/16” thick grapple flats

    • Commercial-grade 50 steel
    • Greaseable pivot points
    • Replaceable digging/excavator performance teeth
    • Bucket width is 16″ wide tapered down to 12″
    • Universal quick attach plate
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