Prime Skeleton Grapple bucket

Prime Rock and Brush Skeleton Grapple Bucket

Built heavy with all grade 50 steel. It features a rock bucket that has two grapples, each with a 3,000 PSI cylinder, that work independently to grab objects using 3/8“ grade 50 steel tines spaced 3” apart. The thickness of each tine, along with narrower spacing between them enables dirt to fall through while holding onto the larger fragments of material so you only pick up what you want. The 1/2” Grade 50 hardened steel cutting edge provides additional strength to the bucket making it incredibly durable even on the toughest jobs.

Every Prime Rock & Brush  Skeleton Grapple Bucket  comes with bolt-on removable side plates that you can keep on when moving smaller material or remove when you’ve got bigger items to move, such as trees or lumber. We reinforce our outside tines in three different locations to provide support and allow you to take the side plates off and use the bucket without bending, twisting or breaking the tines.

Our bolt-on cylinder covers allow you to increase your cylinder protection up to 95%. These covers protect more than just the cylinder; they protect all three components of the cylinder (fittings, ram, and seal) giving you added peace of mind with your investment.

  • Common sizes: 62″,68”,74″,78″ and 84″
  • Spacing between tines: 3″
  • Side plate width: 1/2″
  • Steel tine width: 3/8″
  • Grade 50 cutting edge: 1/2″
  • Universal quick attach plate
  • Bolt-on removable side plates
  • Commercial-grade steel
  • Reinforced outside tines
  • Greaseable pivot points
  • Visibility cut outs on grapple
  • Optional bolt-on cylinder covers
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