Quick Attatch tree shear

The Power Axe Tree Shears by Quick Attach has limitless applications and allows you to virtually clear any wooded lot or selectively harvest unwanted trees or brush such as mesquite, cedars, dogwood, alders, junipers, and osage orange. Easy and quick 90° rotation allows you to cut both horizontally and vertically for the cutting and pruning of limbs and bows. Fell trees can be sectioned for easy removal or clipped to length for firewood or compact loading. The brush guard with safety mesh helps prevent the stump or debris from entering the cab or damaging your machine. The shear blade is self sharpening and is comprised of durable AR400 abrasion resistant high tensile steel and the unique hook provides better holding and prevents tree slippage for a cleaner cut.

  • vertical and horizontal rotation
  • heavy duty push bar  with mesh insert for operator safety
  • greaseable pivot points
  • cuts up to 12″ trees
  • cuts at near ground level
  • can fell trees, or be rotated for pruning


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