Prime Rock And Stump Ripper Grapple

removing stubborn rocks and stumps have never been the easiest of tasks… until you have a Prime Rock and Stump Ripper attachment for your skid steer or tractor!.

The Serrated Front edges and grapple tip ensures a tight grip to move rocks , stumps, logs and other debris to where you want it. Triple pass welded 1″ triple gussets make up the base with 1/2″ support brackets makes quick work of anything you want removed

    • 1″ Grade 50 triple gusset design
    • Serrated teeth for maximum digging
    • 1/2″ cutting edge gusset support for root extraction
    • 45″ Grapple Opening
    • high visibility cut outs in the grapple
    • cylinder guard protects the  hydraulics
    • high traction step for safety


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