Talet Mixing auger bucket

The Talet mixing auger bucket is the ideal back saving way to mix concrete, mortar and other slurry like materials that meed mixing, with the rubber flighted auger, this bucket will mix your material, then reverse the auger to discharge material directly to where you want it placed with a detachable chute

  • Multi-Purpose Bucket with Rubber Auger
  • Universal skid-loader attachment.
  • Self loading from loose piles.
  • 1/2 yard capacity (1 yard capacity capable with optional hopper extension).
  • Quick-attach frame on front and back allows right and left hand discharge.
  • Accurate and controlled discharge: 1/2 yard/ 50 secs.
  • Horizontal steel auger with orbital motor drive.
  • Excellent operator visibility (one person operation).
  • Two multi-linked chutes included (24″ x 36″).
  • 7′ hoses c/w flat face couplers.
  • Can be ordered as a concrete mixer.
  • Replaceable protective rubber flighting: prevents binding of coarse material.
  • Handles most materials: 1 slump concrete, sand, asphalt, washed gravel 3/4″ max., ag. grains etc.
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