Vibratory drum packer attachment

This Vibratory Packer by Quick Attach compacts flatwork, trenches, and asphalt while moving in both forward and reverse. Offset drum design compacts next to sidewalks, walls, or curbs and provides great visibility. Free drum oscillation keeps more of the packer in contact with the surface and provides tilt up to 15°. The eccentric shaft enables the movement within to drum to create the vibration required while the rubber mount provides longer life. The massive 3″ shaft inside the drum produces high dynamic forces with greasable heavy duty bearings transferring forces to the drum. Two scrapers allow forward and backward packing for optimum efficiency

  • one piece drum for extra strength
  • 48″ and 72″ models available
  • hydraulic vibrating drum for efficient compaction
  • rubber isolation mounts reduce vibration transfer to the operator
  • foot padded drum option available
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