Snow Wolf Snow Pushers


Do You Need to move lots of snow fast??

Not only is a snow pusher the way to do that, but, the Snow Wolf Brand of snow pushers are the best around!!

Built to the highest standards, these pushers are designed for heavy commercial usage, the adjustable rubber cutting edge allows the pusher to pass over obstructions without damaging the edge and reducing machine wear and tear as well as increasing operator safety.

Standard Features:

Tight Moldboard Curvature – The Ultra Snow Pusher keeps the snow “live” because of its tight moldboard curvature. Because the snow is rolling properly, it takes less horsepower and traction to push more snow.

Round Tube Supports – Round tubing side plate supports reduce snow build-up and minimize the disruption of the snow rolling action.

Triple Backbone Structure – Two large channels span the upper and mid-section, and a high tensile formed channel spans the lower section of the pusher to maximize torsional rigidity, and put the muscle where you need it.

Premium Rubber Edge – A 1.5″ thick, premium rubber edge protects the operator from unwanted jolts. Slotted adjustment holes allow adjustment over time to maximize durability.

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