Prime Snowblower

This isn’t your average snow blower. The Prime Snow Blower attachment features a 3/4” Steel Bolt-On Reversible Cutting edge and angled paddles that continually chew up even the toughest snow and feed it directly to the Heavy Duty Fan that throws it 25+ feet. With a Direct Drive Motor System operated by a custom built Hydraulic Manifold and internal relief valves, there’s no need to worry about shear pins or downtime. This Blower provides the power and versatility to get any snow removal job done in a flash.


    • Fully Hand Welded Commercial Grade Steel
    • Custom Hydraulic Manifold with Internal Relief Valves
    • 15-26 GPM Standard Hydraulic Flow
    • 32” Tall Blower Opening
    • 20’+ Snow Throwing Distance
    • Hydraulic Chute Rotate
    • Hydraulic Spout Angle
    • Custom Made Wiring Harness Specific to your Skid Steer
    • Angled paddles to continually chew and feed snow to the fan
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