Prime Tiller

The Prime Rotor Tiller attachment is built for the heaviest tiling jobs, with 4 tines per Spindle, this machine will chew up the harshest of ground conditions making it easy to open up a garden bed, break up sod,  do industrial plant work, the list goes on! The bidirectional motor saves you time and effort with its ability to rotate the tines backward or forwards, allowing you to pulverize the soil in one single pass without disturbing the soil a second time. The adjustable shoes make the Prime Tiller incredibly versatile in a lot of applications, as they allow you to quickly set the digging depth up to 6”. It operates on standard flow (15-24 gallons per minute), and is available in 6’ & 7’ lengths


    • Four swing away blades per spindle
    • Bidirectional motor / Bidirectional tine rotation
    • Standard hydraulic flow (15-24 gallons per minute)
    • Universal quick attach plate
    • Tine Rotation Bidirectional
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