Quick Attach Eagle Talon grapple bucket

Considered to be the Titan of our log/ root brush grapple line up, the Eagle Talon is a very versatile tool for picking roots, breaking up hard soil, sifting out debris, loading brush, moving logs and many other useful applications as well as the convenience of raking material back with the grapple when in the opened position.

  • designed for use with the most powerful skid steers
  • gusseted between teeth for added strength
  • 2-3000 lb cylinders
  • heavy duty replaceable teeth
  • closes tighter to be able to handle smaller material
  • flat bottom rake design glides n the ground to clean up with out disturbing the ground below
  • 3/4″ T1 steel tines
  • 1/2″ thick T1 steel top teeth
  • greaseable pivot points
  • available in 72″ and 84″


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